Your wedding ceremony is a momentous occasion that you will want to look back on fondly. I would be honored to perform and create a wonderful ceremony that is uniquely yours. Creating your love story ceremony will have you and your guest laughing, crying and having awesome experience. As we go through this journey together, you will have the you peace of mind and perspective needed to have the wedding ceremony you deserve.

Scott Lortz - Wedding Officiant


Other Services

I also offer wellness packages for individuals or a couple that include:

     • Pre/Post marital coaching

     • Tools for dealing with wedding anxiety

     • Bride(or Groom Boot Camp), Feeling amazing, and have a healthy glow

     • Reiki and Guided Meditation

     • Prioritizing what’s most important to you in the planning process and coming up with a plan to put your priorities first.

I believe Brides and Grooms should have a meaningful wedding experience. Creating a wedding journey and beyond that is filled with passion and true enjoyment is an important part of living your best life. I offer my brides and Grooms coaching calls that span a minimum of 3 months (9 sessions) and may extend throughout your engagement. This package not only institutes a process that keeps you on track with much more than the essentials of wedding planning, but makes the process custom to your needs. When your worries are taking over, I can help you find solutions. We can brainstorm ways to deal with friends and family who are creating problems. We can clarify your values to make decision-making less complicated. In addition to coaching sessions for wedding planning content, we will also explore all issues that cause you concern or strife. Communications and healthy boundaries enable you to always feel in control of your special day and your relationships.

Together, we identify what’s causing the most stress and come up with tailored solutions to help you deal with it. Wedding coaching gives you the tools you need to make your wedding as smooth as possible, including:      

     • Tools for dealing with wedding anxiety      

     • Premarital and post marital counseling,      

     • Solving specific wedding-related problems      

     • Giving you the communication tools you need to speak effectively with family, friends, and vendors      

     • Prioritizing what’s most important to you in the planning process and coming up with a plan to put your priorities first      

     • Coaching with your partner, family members, or wedding party to resolve conflict and help everyone get on the same page.

I do let all my couple's know I do offer pre and post marital coaching. I believe all couples should go through some coaching whether it be before or after their wedding. We all deserve a passionate and meaningful marriage. Living each day with joy and fulfillment takes some practice and when you grow together you will transform into the people you are destined to be. Couples can get there in many different ways and I would like to help you on that journey.