David Harter | Interactive Magician

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Most likely, the people at your wedding don’t all know each other. Sure, your family knows your family. And their family knows their family. But they’re probably meeting each other for the first time. And then there are your friends. And then there are the introverts and the wallflowers. Pretty much all kinds of people will be at your wedding. Really, it can be a big awkward gathering at times. If your celebration is in the evening, on average you’ll probably have around 100 guests. Once the ceremony is over, all those people will have to co-mingle. A wedding magician can help facilitate the meet and greet. There’s always a time between when the ceremony ends and the newly wedded couple arrives at the reception hall. You’re going to be off taking pictures by the white sandy beaches while your guests await your return. Why not entertain them? A wedding magician can work a room like no other entertainment service. A DJ has to man the equipment. A band is stuck on stage. But a close-up magician can wander the crowd at will. You won’t have people silenced by loud music. You’ll instead have them laughing and interacting while they wait.

Your photographer is trying to distill the best moments of your wedding. His or her job is to portray it as the most coveted and lovely event of your life. (Here’s to it being exactly that.) But you’re not doing your photographer a favor if your guests don’t have smiles on their faces. And since you’re probably paying up to of $1,000 or more for their expertise, you want the best conditions possible. Now, there will be moments when your photographer is guaranteed moments of glee. And there will be heartfelt smiles a plenty. But the kind of laughter and enjoyment a wedding magician can bring to candid wedding photos has no equal. There’s a unique quality to a photo where a wedding magician is doing their work. One person at the table is laughing, another is grinning like a child and the mark (the person participating in the illusion) is scowling in amused confusion. (How did they do that?!) I can work a room like no other entertainment service.

Most people aren’t uncomfortable around a magician. Our job is to make people feel instantly comfortable around us. We put people at ease. This ability to put people at ease helps us do our slight of hand. But if for some reason someone doesn’t want to participate or watch, they don’t have to. Unlike music or a comedian or even a band, a magician’s entertainment is completely optional for your guests. No magician is at your event to force someone to be entertained. Entertainment just doesn’t work that way. But most people won’t feel uncomfortable participating in a magician’s tricks. And most people are quite happy to oblige my whit and whimsy. Dave is a Florida based wedding, corporate, and trade show magician. Your guests will experience memorable magic that will get them talking for years to come.