Front Porch Project

Hi My Name is Donald,  I am a photographer who resides in the beautiful Diamond Hill subdivision in Valrico, Florida.  During this COVID-19 crisis, I have lost out on canceled weddings and events, but I am fortunate enough to have a corporate job to still help me pay the bills.  Sadly, I have many friends who are not as lucky as I am and have since lost their jobs or have been placed on furlough during this crisis.  I got tired of sitting around, isolated doing nothing valuable with my time, so I decided to my part in helping my community.  I'm not loaded with tons of money, but I am equipped with awesome camera equipment and talent to make people smile in front of them.  I saw a news article recently of a peer of mine in South Tampa who raised money through the Front Porch Project.  The mission of the project is to capture photographs of families in front of their homes as they are during this time of "Social Distancing" while raising awareness/funds for local charities helping their communities during the COVID-19 crisis.  

My plan is to walk the community of Diamond Hill from Saturday, April 25,  11 am through 5 pm and capture as many families as I can during that time.  All the photographs will be digitally available via my website within 1 week for you to download at no cost.  I simply ask that you donate what you can towards our cause and help me reach my goal.  

I am reaching out to all my neighbors with hopes that we can raise money for Seeds of Hope, Inc to feed our friends who might need a plate to eat.  Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to me. More information about Seeds of Hope Incorporated: Our mission is to provide meaningful community service hours for students and food assistance to people in need.  https://sohopefl.org/